Are Children today highly exposed

It has become a common sight today to come across children busy fiddling with the gadget in their hands. As a parent one has to be proud that they are talented enough to dig the features of the mobile while even we as grownups find it hard to understand. But at what rate…is the question!! Gone are those days when going on family vacation was as exciting as getting present on the birthdays. When finishing the homework fast enough and rushing out for evening games with neighbor kids. When police and robber was the most nail biting game to not get caught as robber. When giving out eclairs chocolate during the birthday made us feel so special in our class especially when our friends keep asking for an additional chocolate 😀 Gone are those days when minute minute things gave us so much happiness.


Children today are getting more sophisticated with the change in technology. Playing Mini Militia and winning with high score is a victory while for some developing apps with virtual lab is at their finger tips. Children are getting more absolved that they tend to spend more time on the virtual world while missing to enjoy the reality.  Missing to sweat out and hurt their knees while preferring to stay indoor playing subway surfer. Missing to get wet in the rain and enjoy the visit to grandparents farms while preferring to build farms in FarmVille. When the elders of the family are busy to pay attention to their little ones achievements, kids are turning to other resources which grabs their attention. Adamant and arrogance nature are found more in common in our children at a very young age when their needs are not met.


While it cannot be denied that the same technology are getting used by the children to invent new bots and satellites having an unimaginable reach. Everything is all good and fine only until things are in limits. Children brain is so creative and adaptive that they actually absorb what they see. So it is up to the parents to pay attention to their children and mold them to achieve their dreams. Also the teachers play an equal role in molding the ambition of the child.






4 thoughts on “Are Children today highly exposed”

  1. True fact that the sweet little joy are unnoticed with the technology taking control. Definitely huge difference can be seen when gadgets are used as a normal thing rather than as an essential. As a matter of fact that should be initiated from the parents themselves to see smiling faces when walk down the road rather than the bent heads, to have human interaction to stop the baby cries rather than a YouTube video. Well said!!

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