How would you exactly feel when you come across the person whom you prayed should never see again!! 

You prayed to never see that person again either cos that person let you down or vice versa. Words fall short and you stand at a position of not being able to react. You have to pretend that everything is fine while deep inside there will be forced push and pull of your heart and emotions. Memories with that person will start flowing breaking the barrier which you have imagined to have kept. Some of it makes us smile while some of it makes us soar.

Whatever might be the case at the end of the day everyone leaves with a smile saying “I’m fine” . That is the essence of life ain’t it!? Memories are so fast that it travels within fraction of seconds between age 7 which we remember to have sat at that lap of our grandparents to an age where we mourn at the grandparent. Somewhere in the memories is the lost love, lost Friendship, untold truths, untold words, perceived ego, lost relationships, unlived moments…

When you look back at those memories it will turn the pages of your learnt lessons​, the hard path that you stumbled on and also the wonderful days which you yearn to live again​. Happy memories builds you and for the other it’s up to you to build yourself over it and to make it right. As always, there is no point in lingering around the past around the doubts… Leave the unpleasant experiences​ as they are as it is meant to be forgotten and just live the present to the fullest to create a cheerful memory which gives meaning to your life. 🙂 So that when looking back it should give a broad smile on your face that makes you say “Well…not bad I have been doing it pretty good”  🙂




“Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery, 
and today is a gift… 
that’s why they call it present” 
― Master Oogway

Cheers!! 🙂

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