RIP Your Dreams!

It has indeed put everyone under shock when the news of the aspirant girl who wanted to become a doctor is no more among us. There are many ongoing debates and strikes condemning the NEET exam.


Let’s take a different view of this situation:

Is the education system in Tamil Nadu really on par for the students to the face competitive exams like NEET, JEE ?

The content the students study in school and college are of any value or of any quality to help in their career?
Why is it always that students have to go to additional coaching classes to crack any exam. Then what is the need of the education institution and the humongous fees that is getting charged.
As everyone are aware, only the rich can pay those huge amounts to get into the coaching classes and make it to the entrance exams. Then what about the poor?
What about the dreams of the financially weaker society? Reservation is not an answer. Not all MBCs are poor and not all OC, FC are rich.
Tamil Nadu’s state board syllabus has to be changed. I still see my cousins reading the same content which I read during my X th standard 10 years back. Hasn’t the syllabus changed at all? When there is so much advancement in the technology isn’t the job of the Education minister to design the syllabus for the young minds to keep up with the changes.

We can’t blame the girl saying she did not have capacity to write the exam. When a city brought up like me from a middle class family had doubts about the subjects involved in the Engineering cut off, then what can be expected from a soul who is from a village, whose only dream is to score good marks and the only exposure she has got are the text books she reads. When she was able to score 1176 / 1200 by reading the text books that was given to her then can’t she crack the NEET exam if provided with proper content to read.
So please who so ever questioning her capability just stop and think. Was she as privileged as you are? Or would you score so much when you have to earn to feed yourself and the same time excel in your studies just like her?

As per the reports, Out Of the TN students who studied biology, which is mandatory for writing NEET, in Class XII, 3.46 lakhs students were from the state board and 4,675 students belonged to the CBSE stream. “Of the 80,000 TN students who wrote NEET, at least 90% were from the state board. However, 50% of the questions asked in NEET were out-of-state syllabus for the state board students,” the official said

So where is the lagging here? The exam questions or the content and the quality of the syllabus.
Political parties are trying to play mind games asking for exemptions. Instead why can’t they increase the quality of the syllabus and increase the quality of the education system in Tamil Nadu.

Prior notification about the exam should have been given, yes can’t deny that. Few years exemptions should have been got for TN, yes can’t deny that either. But at the same time, the quality of the syllabus our younger generation is learning should be increased, can that be denied? Shouldn’t that be given a thought?

I’m not in support of the entrance exam nor against it. Deserved should get what they deserve. Today’s education has become more monetary than a service. So only the privileged will have the privilege to learn and face the competition. While the under privileged can only lay their hopes on the education imparted to them and that quality has to be increased. No one is asking for Free materials just give a Quality Education. Numerous families will be happy.

It was very painful to see the caste name been mentioned on her demise. If it has to be mentioned in your post, then what makes yourself as the educated. Let’s not forget the humanity that was taught at our homes.

It is the responsibility of the government to think across all these factors. An aspiring girl’s life was really needed for the government to realize their responsibility? The Government has indeed failed her.

May Anitha’s soul RIP and God be with her family!!





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