Always Dad’s Little Girl

I have a history of worst experience with the dentists. It pains or doesn’t I shout so much that the next time the doctor who treated me sees me, he will shut down the shutters and would give a holiday 😀

Recently decided to get my tooth extracted due to varied reasons. Once I stepped into the doctor’s cubicle my father warned the doctor about the way I shout and the history of treatments I had. Doctor was so casual as like not to worry and that he will take care 🙂

The treatment started and doc was friendly saying not to get tensed because I was sweating and to wipe off my sweat. The start off went good but didn’t go easy 😀 As time passed and as doctor started struggling I started my chores of starting to shout slowly…. My doc’s hands started paining then and while because of the force he exerted 😛 he gave a short recess in between during when I turned to see my dad. I noticed him murmuring something looking at the picture of God hanged in the doctor’s room. I noticed him looking so worried. That moment just flashed my previous experience with a dentist where I was crying when the doctor was treating my tooth, my dad was holding my hands as I should not shake it off and had tears in his eyes on seeing me cry 🙂 My dad cried just because I cried 🙂 That memory just flashed at that moment and I smiled at him 🙂

Well to my surprise I didn’t shout much this time as I felt bad for the doctor who was already in agony in treating me 😛 Wouldn’t exactly say that things went easy but at least it ended good 🙂 Doctor gave a sign of relief once the treatment got over. My dad gave a warm smile and doctor exclaimed sure my teeth roots were very strong 😀 This time I noticed that my doctor was sweating and I told him to wipe it off 😛

When we stepped out of the doctor’s room me and my dad started laughing 🙂 My dad laughed saying I gave a hard time to the poor soul doctor and I smiled seeing my dad laugh 🙂 I asked him what he was murmuring and he told that he was praying that it should not pain for me and that I should not cry 🙂 Well what more I require I have a soul who cries when I cry 🙂 Though I’m a grown up now my dad still holds my hand while crossing the road, accompanies me everywhere I go thinking I still don’t know the city routes, gives away his favorite cuisine for me, is of all ears when I talk anything giving suggestions accordingly and most importantly always supports me during the quarrel with my brother 😉



It is true indeed that no man can treat a girl so special than her father 🙂 Every girl is still a princess to her father 🙂 Well of course for men their father would be their hero 🙂 But we will remain daddy’s little girls, no matter what 🙂 ❤  Also a Mother’s love for her children is indomitable and it can never be compared. 🙂


Cheers!! 🙂





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