What in the word Nature!

Blocks and blocks of apartments, eye straining buildings, highly sophisticated companies, captivating malls, roof top supper halls, leisure treks have become the day to day happenings that we sought after and those we come across.
Have you ever given a minute to think what happened to the trees that existed in the place where now exists the full amenities gated communities?
Ever given a thought that we are standing in a building which has been constructed on a flowing water body as in lake or river or pond?

Ever tried walking not even driving just walking aimlessly through a road that’s clad on both the sides with trees!!? Ever admired that beautiful work of nature?
We are so caught up with so called sophisticated life of lies and forgetting about our real healthy future.
The water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat has become polluted and intoxicated with chemical manures. The places where natural eatables were sold is now filled with hybrid colored varieties.
What is the point in destructing the trees to build a house over that place and hold a slogan of “Each house plant one Tree” ? . Are we trying to negotiate with the nature by destroying her oxygen and by planting one tree?

“Humans have destroyed a tenth of Earth’s remaining wilderness in the last 25 years and there may be none left within a century if trends continue”, according to an authoritative new study.


Where has the trees gone where has the lake that existed perished. Our reason for our survival is the only sole reason for the extinction of our mother Nature.

Snip from studies published in Science and Anthropocene Review, featured the work of scientists from countries including the United States, Sweden, Germany, and India.

“If the Earth is going to move to a warmer state, 5 to 6 [degrees Celsius] warmer, with no ice caps, it will do so and that won’t be good for large mammals like us. People say the world is robust and that’s true, there will be life on Earth, but the Earth won’t be robust for us.”
“Some people say we can adapt due to technology, but that’s a belief system, it’s not based on fact. There is no convincing evidence that a large mammal, with a core body temperature of 37 [degrees Celsius], will be able to evolve that quickly. Insects can, but humans can’t and that’s a problem.”
“We are driving towards an unsustainable future and people of my daughter’s generation will find it increasingly hard to survive.”

Think and React!


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