Always Dad’s Little Girl

I have a history of worst experience with the dentists. It pains or doesn’t I shout so much that the next time the doctor who treated me sees me, he will shut down the shutters and would give a holiday 😀

Recently decided to get my tooth extracted due to varied reasons. Once I stepped into the doctor’s cubicle my father warned the doctor about the way I shout and the history of treatments I had. Doctor was so casual as like not to worry and that he will take care 🙂

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Money Everywhere!!!?

We usually go to the temples to find contentment and as an escape from the busy hectic daily schedule. Temples has always been a place where most of us would hit to as soulfully we feel someone is listening. Our prayers getting heard is totally a different part 😛 but still someone is listening and some peace is there, right? 🙂

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RIP Your Dreams!

It has indeed put everyone under shock when the news of the aspirant girl who wanted to become a doctor is no more among us. There are many ongoing debates and strikes condemning the NEET exam.


Let’s take a different view of this situation:

Is the education system in Tamil Nadu really on par for the students to the face competitive exams like NEET, JEE ?

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